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2 Stroke Oil  

This oil is specially designed to be used in 2-stroke engine chainsaws with crankcase compression. This oil must be mixed with gasoline in the amount to lubricate a 2-stroke engine effectively. Good quality oils will ensure your equipment doesn’t experience too much friction and functions reliably. 

At Northern Arb, we have 2-stroke oil from brands like Rotatech, Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil, and Stilh. All of these oils have proven their quality in real life conditions and are used by professionals regularly. 

2 Stroke Oil  

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  • £4.79

    High-performance Chainsaw oil by Rotatech specially for chainsaws. Premium 2 stroke oil is also  Available in 1L, 5L and 25L.  Used by 1000's of professionals Suitable for all chainsaw.Order 25L+ & Get FREE Delivery - USE CODE: "FREEDEL" 1000L - Free Delivery To Mainland UK! 5-7 working days

    £3.99ex VAT £4.79inc VAT
  • £1.32

    NEW Super Sexy Universal 2 Stroke Chainsaw Oil The 100ml contents of this bottle will treat: 5 litres of Petrol @ 50:1 | 4 litres of Petrol @ 40:1 | 2.5 litres of Petrol @ 25:1 Available in sizes: 100ml, 25x100ml, 1L, 5L & 25L Order 25L+ & Get FREE Delivery - USE CODE: "FREEDEL" 1000L - Free Delivery To Mainland UK! 5-7 working days

    £1.10ex VAT £1.32inc VAT
  • £31.50

    STIHL HP Super 2-Stroke Engine Oil is a high quality Semi-synthetic oil containing low ash additives to ensure clean low smoke burn. Low Smoke Low-Ash Additives Clear Burning Part-Synthetic Genuine Stihl

    £26.25ex VAT £31.50inc VAT
  • £1.38

    Top selling mineral oil based 2-stroke engine oil. Specifically developed for Stihl engines. Suitable for all types and makes of gardening 2 stroke application. Excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Quality and performance Available in 3 sizes Please Remember That You Should Only Use Stihl 2 Stroke With Saws Under Warranty As Other Brands Will...

    £1.15ex VAT £1.38inc VAT

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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