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  • £30.00

    Padded Storage Bag for Stein X2 Climbers

    £25.00ex VAT £30.00inc VAT
  • £136.79

    The DMM Captain is a high-quality device designed to increase stability and positioning when undertaking complex jobs. The unique design also allows the device to be racked easily when the job is done. Ideal for arborists, The DMM Captain can be ordered with or without the full kit.

    £113.99ex VAT £136.79inc VAT
  • £12.00

    Marlow 13mm Split Tail 1.5m length with one sewn eye termination.Marlow Ropes Split Tails are made from CE certified climbing rope and finished with strong sewn eye termination. Marlow Tree Climbing ropes have all been specifically designed for Arborists & Tree Surgeons Product Code - WKD123

    £10.00ex VAT £12.00inc VAT
  • £13.79
    £11.49ex VAT £13.79inc VAT
  • £390.00

    This Line Launcher kit will allow you to shoot a line into the tree, saving you throwing it. This allows more accuracy and power. The box contains:Line Launcher inc. shoulder stock. Operating instructions 2 line bottles (line included) 3 plastic containers for .22 blanks 2 plastic dummies  Maintenance kit: oil, brush, "O" rings and cleaning sticks.

    £325.00ex VAT £390.00inc VAT
  • £94.80

    The STEIN Lanyard was independently tested in accordance with the regulations of EN354:2010 by SATRA using the Stein “Copious” TAC tied in a Michigan Hitch configuration with a Stein “Skywalker” Pulley and a Stein Oval Karabiner as an adjuster. Kit contents:1x STEIN SS-1H6002 "Skywalker" Pulley2x STEIN SS-1H8411 Oval Karabiners1x STEIN SS-1EM0070 Copious...

    £79.00ex VAT £94.80inc VAT
  • £111.59

    Marlow Komodo 13mm Tree Climbing Rope | Arborist Rope with One Sewn Eye. This uniquely coloured Tree Climbing Rope is constructed in exactly the same way as Marlows most popular Gecko Climbing Rope. The only difference is the colour.Komodo is a supple, hard wearing & strong Climbing Rope designed specifically for Arborists.

    £92.99ex VAT £111.59inc VAT
  • £91.19

    Marlow Aeris Tree Climbing Rope 13mm with One Factory Spliced End. Red & Yellow CE Certified Climbing Rope. Marlows new lightweight nylon 11mm static Tree climbing rope is designed for weight saving, high performance and improved overall gripping.

    £75.99ex VAT £91.19inc VAT
  • £18.90

    New From Stein 75cm COPIOUS Sewn Eyed Cord made from Silverstreak "cool".  Manufactured under ISO9002 Conditions and certified to EN795 (B) Individually Serial Numbered and batch tested

    £15.75ex VAT £18.90inc VAT
  • £9.60

    ISC Small Figure 8 Aluminium Polished

    £8.00ex VAT £9.60inc VAT
  • £24.00

    ISC Figure of 8 in Aluminium - polished

    £20.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £28.79

    ISC Figure of 8 in Stainless Steel.

    £23.99ex VAT £28.79inc VAT

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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