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Catapults help arborists set up their rigging and equipment. They’re designed to reach difficult areas that aren’t clearly visible and can’t be accessed by regular equipment. These tools are supported by sling shots that can throw lines and bags past tree limbs quickly. Catapults have built-in safety features to ensure the lines are tossed securely without injuring the arborists. 

We have well-designed catapults from reliable companies like Stein. These catapults come with foldable arms, good storage solutions, and throw lines accurately. 


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  • £390.00

    This Line Launcher kit will allow you to shoot a line into the tree, saving you throwing it. This allows more accuracy and power. The box contains:Line Launcher inc. shoulder stock. Operating instructions 2 line bottles (line included) 3 plastic containers for .22 blanks 2 plastic dummies  Maintenance kit: oil, brush, "O" rings and cleaning sticks.

    £325.00ex VAT £390.00inc VAT
  • £106.80

    The STEIN TEKICHU offers great performance and is exceptional design features such as folding arms for easy storage and easily replaced rubbers. The TEKICHU enables operators to dispatch a shot joined to a line basically straight up and over a coveted point taking into consideration the establishment of access lines. The STEIN TEKICHU easily attaches to...

    £89.00ex VAT £106.80inc VAT
  • £196.80

    The STEIN TEKICHU was designed in Japan as a performance accurate launcher with some ingenious design features such as folding arms for easy storage and easily replaced rubbers.

    £164.00ex VAT £196.80inc VAT

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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