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Eye 2 Eye Hitches

Eye 2 Eye hitch is a short length of cord with an eye at each end. This cord has multiple applications and is available in different color or size combinations. It is important to find the right length for your personal requirements. If you intend to climb SRT, choose a shorter cord.

We provide eye 2 eye hitches from well-known brands like Stein so you can be certain they will be secure. Our hitches have sewn ends, which provides additional strength to the cord.  

Eye 2 Eye Hitches

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  • £13.07

    Many climbers are now realising and understanding the virtues of working on more technical friction hitches. Many of these hitches require friction cords with different properties and to have a sewn termination to allow the hitch to be dressed on the hardware correctly.75cm COPIOUS Sewn Eyed Cord made from Silverstreak Cool  Individually Serial Numbered...

    £13.07ex VAT £13.07inc VAT

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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