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Rope Wrenches  

Rope Wrenches are specialised friction devices that allow climbers to descend and ascend easily and work the tree. These tools dissipate heat and friction away from arborists' friction hitch, allowing professionals to work efficiently. We stock a wide range of Stein branded Rope Wrenches which are well known for their sturdiness and ability to perform in the most challenging conditions. 

Our rope wrenches are commonly used tools by professional tree climbers, arborists, and other experts working in the tree services or forestry fields. At Northern Arb Supplies, you will find the best tree wrenches at the most cost-effective prices.

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  • £118.80

    This ZK2 Rope Rench and Pulley from Stein are well established and popular tools for professional arborists, tree climbers and people working in forestry. Thie wench and pulley well respected tools and designed for ease of use.The wrench has a mid-lin pin, which allows quick installation on your climbing rope.

    £118.80inc VAT £99.00ex VAT
  • £21.60

    High-quality rope wrench by Stein designed fro professionals working within the tree industry. This item is also designed for use with the rope wrench. Order today while stock lasts. 

    £21.60inc VAT £18.00ex VAT

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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