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DMM are Suppliers of  a wide range of climbing equipment, specialising in carabiners and are considered world leaders in the climbing gear industry.

We offer a huge selection of carabiners and pulleys by DMM, browse our collection and see why DMM are so popular.

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  • £90.00

    The Buddy 100 is a hands-free trailing fall arrest device that will follow you up and down the rope with minimum user-intervention. Minimalist design and manufacturing of components makes inspection and installation simple, whilst top-quality materials increase durability with minimum weight penalty. Single person fall arrest device, suitable for ropes...

    £75.00ex VAT £90.00inc VAT
  • £120.00

    The device features non-aggressive stainless steel cams which are spring loaded allowing it to be positioned on the rope while the user is working. The towable release mechanism (patent applications EP2641635, GB2500483) allows the user to tow the device while simultaneously descending.

    £100.00ex VAT £120.00inc VAT
  • £136.79

    The red DMM 'Captain' Throwing Hook is a high-quality device designed to increase stability and positioning when undertaking complex jobs. The unique design also allows the device to be racked easily when the job is done. The DMM Captain can be ordered with or without the full kit.Increase stability and positioning Ideal for arborists

    £113.99ex VAT £136.79inc VAT
  • £14.40

    Conforms to EN362:2004/B Oval shape allows central positioning of devices 10mm bar section for lightness and strength

    £12.00ex VAT £14.40inc VAT
  • £22.80

    The Aero's solid bar construction creates a robust and wear resistant belay carabiner. HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance I Beam section for increased strength to weight ratio Patented Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance Approved to EN362:2004/B

    £19.00ex VAT £22.80inc VAT
  • £11.40

    A hot forged Screwgate carabiner with a neat design and a clean, keylock nose to reduce snagging.

    £9.50ex VAT £11.40inc VAT
  • £10.20

    Clean nose design to reduce snagging New improved grip and ergonomics to help with full stretch clips Available as the Aero Quickdraw with 16mm nylon tape in 12cm or 18cm lengths Also available as an Aero Straight/Spectre 2 11mm Dyneema quickdraw in 12cm lengths

    £8.50ex VAT £10.20inc VAT
  • £10.80

    DMM produce a range of 4 anchor rings that have a multitude of rigging application and are particularly popular with arborists. The rings are turned from solid 7075 aluminum, fully heat treated to T6 condition and anodised for identification and corrosion prevention.Certified as mobile anchor points to EN795(b):1997.

    £9.00ex VAT £10.80inc VAT
  • £51.56

    The DMM Axis Swivel has been designed with a smooth, compact and amazingly strong.Compact size minimises height loss in complex rigging scenarios High strength to weight ratio Strength: 36kN Choose from Small and Large size

    £42.97ex VAT £51.56inc VAT
  • £20.70

    DMM Bat Plates Developed with professionals in the rescue industry DMM’s new range of Rigging Plates raises the bar in Design, performance and strength.

    £17.25ex VAT £20.70inc VAT
  • £21.60

    Super safe belay biner Plastic clip prevents cross loading Taper Lock nose for greater gate strength in all directions Strong and light I-Beam construction Available with Screwgate locking system

    £18.00ex VAT £21.60inc VAT
  • £17.40

    Conforms to EN362:2004/B Also available pre-drilled with a captive bar option conforming to EN362:2004/T HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance Smooth internal shape for ease of rotation through attachment eyes 12mm bar section for maximum strength

    £14.50ex VAT £17.40inc VAT
  • £19.20

    Large clean nose HMS locking biner Ideal for rigging; can accommodate multiple knots Large gate opening Easy to handle in gloves Strong I-Beam construction to save weight (almost 25% reduction) Available with Screwgate, Quicklock and Locksafe locking systems

    £16.00ex VAT £19.20inc VAT
  • £17.05

    The Boa is a high volume carabiner with a large gate opening and extended top bar, making it easy to clip with thick ropes and slings, and allowing it to accommodate multiple attachments.DMM 25kN Boa Locksafe Aluminium Carabiner A897  Individually marked for traceability

    £14.21ex VAT £17.05inc VAT
  • £26.40

    Conforms to EN362:2004/T Captive eye provides predictable direction of load Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance

    £22.00ex VAT £26.40inc VAT
  • £21.00

    Conforms to EN362:2004/T Captive eye provides predictable direction of load Cold forged and fully heat treated carbon steel for high strength and durability Zinc plated to EN ISO 2081:2008 Fe/Zn 5c standard for corrosion protection Ideal for use as the end connector on a lanyard Captive eye provides predictable direction of load Individually marked for...

    £17.50ex VAT £21.00inc VAT
  • £21.00

    Directional belay carabiner designed to ensure optimum orientation when belaying Downward opening internal wiregate enables secure attachment to belay loop in one movement, and prevents accidental removal once located Pronounced horn prevents belay and other rope control devices cross loading the carabiner

    £17.50ex VAT £21.00inc VAT
  • £12.60

    Designed for maximum strength with minimum weight at 30g Clean nose for snag-free clipping and unclipping Available as an 11mm Dynatec quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths

    £10.50ex VAT £12.60inc VAT
  • £24.00

    Modular DMM Compact Shackle for use with the DMM Focus and Nexus.Textile-friendly Hot forged aluminium Shackle uses 4mm and 2mm Allen keys to ensure secure locking

    £20.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £14.88

    The DMM C417 Equal D Carabiner including ANSI Z359.1(07) provides a large internal volume whilst minimising the overall dimensions. It is best suited to applications where a small, strong and rugged carabiner is required. Recommended as a connector in conjunction with retractors. Fully heat treated for very high strength.

    £12.40ex VAT £14.88inc VAT
  • £54.72

    The Focus is a directly connectable swivel that features both swivel and shackle attachments to give you increased connection options.Textile-friendly CNC'd from aluminium User maintainable grease port for bearing longevity

    £45.60ex VAT £54.72inc VAT
  • £72.00

    The Gyro PM is a high strength, compact, durable, and textile friendly pulley. Prusik minding sheaves allow efficient progress capture during hauling operations.Sheave diameter = 38mm Precision engineered for durability and consistent performance Compact design reduces system height

    £60.00ex VAT £72.00inc VAT
  • £54.00

    The Gyro is a high strength, compact, durable, and textile friendly pulley. Developed in conjunction with our industry partners, it offers excellent performance in any rigging scenario.

    £45.00ex VAT £54.00inc VAT
  • £33.76

    The DMM range of pulleys is designed for rugged use in a work environment and use 4 mm thick 2014T6 side plates to enhance durability.Triple attachment points for special applications Riveted and tamperproof assembly Suitable for up to 14mm diameter ropes

    £28.13ex VAT £33.76inc VAT

Showing 1 - 24 of 55 items

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