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Chainsaw Sharpening Service  

If you are looking for a chainsaw sharpening service then we can help. We have a selection of chain sharpening guides to help you learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain. The other thing you might also want to think about is the time required and if it’s worth the effort.  For many professionals working with trees, it’s just as important to ensure the chain stays sharp. Whilst the easiest option might be to resharpen your chainsaw chain, you might also want to consider buying a new one instead.

Here at Northern Arb Supplies we offer a wide range of Rotatech chains compatible with various chainsaws including STIHL, HUSQVARNA. For more information on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain please download the relevant chainsaw chain sharpening guides below. If you wish to purchase a new one, Free delivery is available when you purchase more than one Rotatech Chain from our website.

"Good product at a good price. I can't get chains sharpened for less than the cost of a new one from Northen Arb."

Chainsaw Sharpening Service  

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  • £5.76
    4 Review(s)

    Rotatech Chains to fit Stihl Chainsaws Select Model, Guide Bar Size & Type Of Cutter. ORDER 2 to get FREE Delivery*If the add to cart button disappears then the option you have selected is not available*

    £4.80ex VAT £5.76inc VAT
  • £8.06
    1 Review(s)

    Rotatech™ Chains to fit Husqvarna Chainsaws. These are a low cost high-quality replacement chain, designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market.ORDER 2 to get FREE Delivery. Simply Select your Model, Guide Bar Size & Type Of Cutter.

    £6.72ex VAT £8.06inc VAT
  • £39.60 £51.59
    6 Review(s)

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil 25L for Pump fed Chainsaws. Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil is a viscous tacky chainsaw oil with anti-fling properties. Designed to lubricate & protect chainsaw chains & cutter bars on pump fed chainsaws.Used by 1000's of Tree Surgeons & ArboristsORDER NOW with FREE DELIVERY!

    £33.00ex VAT £39.60inc VAT

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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