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Timberwolf 230 Model  

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  • £0.99

    Copaslip Grease for blade Bolt threads. Suitable for Timberwolf Chipper Blade Bolts and Machines.  

    £0.99ex VAT £0.99inc VAT
  • £55.00

    Timberwolf 230 Type Wood Chipper Blades Genuine Rotatech Timberwolf type 230 Blades. 135 x 100 x 20mm

    £55.00ex VAT £66.00inc VAT
  • £300.00

    Timberwolf 230 Type Wood Chipper Blades Bundle 135 x 100 x 20mm Bundle Includes 3 Sets Of Blades For Even More Savings!  

    £300.00ex VAT £360.00inc VAT
  • WE ARE MANUFACTURERS & CAN MAKE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING... We are the UK's Largest manufacturer of wood chipper blades & wear parts. We want to make sure we have everything you need in stock! please contact us if you can't find a part you are looking for & help us be the one stop shop for all tree surgeons! Our office number is 0114 278 9090 or...

  • To book a collection simply fill in the form below. Please inspect the minimum blade wear limit before booking a collection. If unsure , contact your manufacturer for more information and advice. While our priority is to ensure the blades are sharpened to the manufacture’s specification, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the wear limit.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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