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Jo Beau M300 Model

Shop Rotatech Blades & Parts to fit Jo Beau M300 Model from Northern Arb Supplies.
Jo Beau M300 Model

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  • £70.00 In Stock

    Durable and affordable chipper blades by Rotatech, designed to replace blades for the Jo Beau M300. Vacuum hardened and double tempered for maximum wear life and toughness Steel specification ISO 9001 Heat treated to ISO 9000 Full material traceability to ISO 9001 Guaranteed for the duration of the knives’ working life, our unique Knifetime™ guarantee

    £70.00ex VAT £70.00inc VAT
  • £136.00 In Stock

    Genuine Rotatech wood chipper anvil used by all professional tree surgeons for the Jo Beau M300.300 x 53.5 x 4.7mm, Vacuum hardened and Double Tempered for maximum wear life and Toughness, Steel specification certified according to ISO 9001, Heat Treatment specified to industry standard ISO 9000.

    £136.00ex VAT £136.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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